Saturday, September 18, 2004

How much Longer?

I wonder sometimes about how long it will take for the "truth" of what happened in Iraq to reach the "average" citizen. For the most part, thanks to the complicity of the Western Press, the reports that we saw on the news and in the newspapers looked like a sterile conflict in which the United States military machine (with their token "coalition") made "surgical" strikes against military targets, without causing any "collateral" damage.

Of course, that is not the truth at all. Many civilians died, and continue to die as they resist the presence of American forces in their country. Do not get me wrong, I am not "pro-Iraqi", nor do I think that Saddam Hussein was a misunderstood despot who deserved another chance. However, does this mean that any country has the moral right to enter another sovereign nation and exert their version of "democracy" upon that population? Absolutely not.

Just as the United States overthrew the democratically elected government of Salvador Allende, they now install their puppet government in a nation on the other side of the world, all so that they can ensure the free flow of oil to the west.

Let's face it, Colin Powell has announced that there is an act of Genocide being carried out in Africa - but is the United States doing anything about it? Certainly not: They have nothing to gain by doing so. Yet Iraq has oil, and therefore must garner the full attention of American interests.

Lest anyone believe that there are no innocent victims by the actions of George W. Bush, click on the link below and see several examples of the innocence that has been lost forever. How much longer will the American people allow this to continue?

An innocent victim of George War Bush

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