Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Urban Treasures

Being able to escape from the concrete, noise and heat of the city isn’t always possible, but there are some things that make the heat more tolerable; little gems here and there that brighten the “concrete jungle”, breaking up what would otherwise be a landscape dominated by buildings rather than flora.

Since the end of winter I’ve been collecting pictures of flowers and other sights around the downtown core of the city of Ottawa. For the most part these were all taken while I was on a walk with the intention of taking pictures, so I was specifically looking for things to capture with the camera. Other than that the only thing to say is that I’ve gained a greater appreciation for how beautiful it can be in this city with all of its trees, the wonderful architecture and, of course, the bountiful flowers that seem to grow everywhere. If people want to talk about conspiracies then I will concede this point about Ottawa: there is a conspiracy to keep this city beautiful throughout the spring and summer months by tending the gardens with exceptional care. That is the kind of conspiracy I can live with … I hope you can as well.

All photos copyright © 2007 by Peter Amsel (aka the CrazyComposer). High Resolution prints and dry-mounted images may be ordered by contacting me directly via e-mail.

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Frank Partisan said...

I love Ottawa. A very nice city.