Wednesday, June 12, 2002

First Entry

Welcome to my very first "Blog" entry — this is going to be a semi-journal-like "thingy" that is connected to my For the Love of Music* site, which you can find here. I hope you find these writings to be both interesting and perhaps even enlightening � maybe even enraging at times. I will promise one thing: you will not find the "same old thing" when you read what I write.

Is there an innate need for people to create things? Obviously, I cannot answer that for anyone else, but at the same time I cannot imagine what life would be like if I did not have the desire to create. To compose is to open up a world that did not previously exist — to fill it with anything that I desire, and give it life.

The quest for being truly expressive cannot end with the selection of a note or a melodic motif. The whole of the composition embodies the essence of the composer and through their creativity they are revealed. It is through the musical works that you will discover the deepest emotional secrets of a composer as nothing can be hidden in the quest for true creativity and expressiveness.

Enjoy your read, and come back often!

Peter ... aka

* The original link was changed as the page no longer exists. This post updated on June 23rd, 2006.