Thursday, June 13, 2002


In the spirit of sharing, since this seems to be the place to do that, it occurred to me that one of the things that I wanted to do when this page was made was to write something that would be so inflammatory people would have to sit up and take notice. Then I backed away — but why? As the saying goes, no guts, no glory.

Simple Solutions to Complex Problems:


All this talk about priests and whatnot — well, I have the most elegant solution: castration and a tattoo. Cut them off and tattoo "Pedophile" on the forehead of the offenders — I guarantee that there will not be any repeat offenders. If anyone is creative enough to actually repeat after that, reopen the Roman Coliseum and let the lions have some fresh meat.

Drunk Driving:

Why do we talk about multiple offenses? That is obscene. First offense: the car is confiscated and sold, with all proceeds going into a fund for victims of the crimes. Licenses are suspended for life. If somebody whines about their "rights" being infringed upon, tough!

We had a diplomat from Russia in this city run over someone and get away with it because of "diplomatic immunity" — they weren't immune enough to get drunk, but they are immune when it comes to infringing on the rights of others, the innocent victims of their crimes. It has to stop. I am not against drinking, by the way — not at all. Just the fools who decide to turn their cars into lethal weapons.


Since the issue of "diplomacy" has been broached, what is it with politics, anyway? Is this the field that people chose to go into when they have a pathological need to disseminate false information to the largest group of people over an extended period of time? In other words, the truth stops here.

Is there a written rule out there dictating that these esteemed individuals who are dedicating themselves to "public service" are also incapable of looking the electorate in the eye after they take office and telling the truth about anything?

Well — that's enough rambling for now — time to go work on my string quartet.