Thursday, May 25, 2006

Signs of the Times

This picture says several things to me, not the least of which being that somewhere out there (and I'd really like to know where) somebody's got a great seat for some really nasty car crashes as people drive past, contemplating what a sharp-edged sign may have to do with anything in their immediate future, and why caution is in order ... and then, whoosh, we have an airborne car ... it is an image that I've had in my head since my mother sent me this picture (thanks, mom ...).

She should have known better to send me a picture like this, but what really disturbs me is that this is a real sign. In Canada. That hurts ... well, not too much ... mostly when I stop laughing. But seriously, if I may try to be serious (for a change), what in the world could someone have been thinking ....

Then again, maybe the first people to go over the bridge were the ones who cut their hands on the previous �bridge out� sign ... or not.

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