Monday, February 05, 2007

A Soldier Opposes Iraq

An officer in the United States Army is facing a court martial beginning today for his refusal to fight an illegal war. To do say, according to Lt. Watada, would be to follow an unlawful order: “The war in Iraq is in fact illegal. It is my obligation and my duty to refuse any orders to participate in this war. An order to take part in an illegal war is unlawful in itself. So my obligation is not to follow the order to go to Iraq.”

The defence that was used during the Nuremberg Trials, that the Nazi General Officers had merely been “following orders” is no longer a defence that will be accepted by anyone with a conscience, or a mind. Yet if it didn’t work after the Holocaust, why is such a thing allowed to continue today?

We need more soldiers with the courage of Lt. Watada: we need soldiers with the courage to see beyond the blind ambitions of the political motivations of megalomaniacal leaders who have no regard for the lives of these young men and women being sent to their deaths, so long as their agendas are fulfilled. Instead of having a General Court Martial for this fine young soldier he should be receiving a promotion (with men like this in command things like Iraq don’t happen), a meritorious service award, and a commission to the National War College as he obviously has the “right stuff” that is sorely lacking in the U.S. military machine.

Thank you, Lt. Watada. The following message tells more than I can … please read it and check out their links. If you live in an area where a demonstration is taking place, please, go!

"The war in Iraq is in fact illegal. It is my obligation and my duty to refuse any orders to participate in this war. An order to take part in an illegal war is unlawful in itself. So my obligation is not to follow the order to go to Iraq." - Lt. Ehren Watada

Lt. Watada's supporters are converging on Fort Lewis from across the country to stand with him during his court martial trial, which begins Monday morning, February 5th. Many are representatives of the organizations that coordinated rallies, forums and meetings with congressional members and hosted Bob and Rosa Watada and Carolyn Ho as they traveled across the country to support their son. On February 5th buses and carpools wiil also bring Lt. Watada supporters from Portland and across the State of Washington.

Today, as volunteers assembled support signs, artists built giant puppets for a street theater pageant, and local residents prepared a potluck dinner on Sunday to welcome out-of-town Watada supporters. Vigils, rallies, music, poetry, and street theater are all part of the events planned in support of Lt. Watada.

Join us at Fort Lewis!! The schedule of events follows. If you can't be there, organize a candlelight vigil or educational event in your town to show support for Lt. Watada and opposition to the Iraq war and occupation during the court martial. Let us know about your community's events at

National Actions

Amherst, MA * Austin, TX * Bainbridge, WA * Bellingham, WA * Bremerton, WA * Coupeville, WA * Fort Lewis, WA * Gardner, MA * Hartford, CT * Honolulu, HI * Kirkland, WA * Maui, HI * Olympia, WA * Orono, MA * Philadelphia, PA * Portland, OR * San Francisco, CA * Seattle, WA * Tacoma, WA * Chicago, IL * Melbourne, Florida * Valparaiso, IN *
... AND ... Across the street from the White House in Washington, DC.

International Actions
London, England * Athens, Greece * Dublin and Galway, Ireland * Tel Aviv, Israel, Venice, Italy * Luxembourg * Mexico City, Mexico* Istanbul, Turkey* Uruguay

5-9pm Welcome Event for Lt. Ehren Watada Supporters
First Congregational Church (Pilgram Hall-Downstairs) 209 S J St. Tacoma, WA
Supporters from across the country are coming together to celebrate our resistance to illegal, immoral war and Lt. Ehren Watada's courageous stand on the night before his court martial. We encourage local community members to greet and welcome folks arriving from out of town. The evening's event will include a potluck dinner food, music, speakers and spoken word.

Sponsored by: The Micah Project of First United Methodist Church, United for Peace of Pierce County, Friends and Family of Lt. Watada, Olympia Movement for Justice and Peace, Courage to Resist, Youth Against War and Racism, and Teen Peace Project.

Full list of speakers and event schedule

Monday, February 5, 2007
11:30-6pm Lt. Ehren Watada Court Martial and Support Rally
9:30am - Lt. Watada's Military Court Martial begins
11:30am - Student Rally with Iraq Veterans Against the War
12:30pm – Vigil outside the Gates of Fort Lewis with IVAW
1:30pm - Political Street Theater and Giant Puppets Art Performance, spoken word, and DJ's
3pm – Watada Campaign Rally
4-6pm Vigil outside the Gates of Fort Lewis

For more information about Feb 5 go to
Full Schedule of Fort Lewis event and speakers list
Transportation to Fort Lewis - Buses, Carpools, Directions and Parking
Attending Lt. Watada's Court Martial
Travel and Housing Information

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