Saturday, September 02, 2006

for your consideration

To change things up a bit, instead of an essay I present some poems for your enjoyment.

some haiku for your consideration …

with each passing day
more souls are ripped from this world
the president laughs

voices raised in vain
anguished pleas to save their lives
but the bombs still fell

empty promises
diplomats sent far too late
now the money flows

blood has feed the sand
the thirst is barely assuaged
the land thirsts for more

how well they must sleep
where they can’t be touched by bombs
safe in the white house

famous for their strength
the cedars of Lebanon
now reduced to ash

for something a little different … a free verse expression of a political sentiment (if only that the 5/7/5 constraints of the haiku is too restrictive for this material and the way i want to express it).

the desperate charge

he stood right there for all the world to see
saying the words that were as clearly heard
the first time
as when he repeated himself
clarifying what he meant to say …
“after all,” he said
people were taking what he said out of context
he wanted them to look at what he said
“look at the words,” he said,
“the words,” the words, mere words, or are they
words as weapons
to intimidate and control
to herd the population through the terror levels
even if there isn’t any threat of attack …

the words are critical, they set the stage
they allow the government to lead the way
to guide us down the path …
by keeping us in fear it is easier to control
but what they don’t realize is that some of us
have broken away …

we do not follow the rest of the herd
when we hear “the words” spoken by the puppets
standing in the colourful boxes
we actually hear
what is being said
we have the temerity to expect that when someone dares to suggest
that we are in a war against “Islamic fascism”
to suggest that opposing this “war” is tantamount to those who
appeased the nazis during the holocaust
can only suggest one thing
the president and his entourage should be
sent to hell

Copyright © 2006 by the CrazyComposer (aka Peter Amsel)


Frank Partisan said...

I'm a fan of the Haiku form. Powerful post.

Unknown said...

Thanks, Renegade, I've always enjoyed the minimalist form of Haiku myself (though I tend to avoid minimalism in my composing) ... I hope my new poems are also to your liking.