Wednesday, September 06, 2006

[Truth]Free Press

With images of the daily news
carefully spliced together for
audience approval –
the voices of the talking heads
guide us through the emotional tumult
the traumas of the day

they take our hands (our trustworthy
talking heads)
helping us to navigate
the landmines of horror
don’t watch too much of this story
(all knowing editors decree)
benevolence their guiding motives
of that we are sure
lest the news shock us with its
extreme nature

the guiding voices guide us through to
yet another story – cautioned so we
only see
mere seconds of a war that doesn’t seem to be
as under control
as some would
want us to believe

Yet we see the images
seemingly recycled on an endless loop
of smiling soccer-moms
waving flags and
the cheering
all the smiling “yes men” and women
falling over themselves to touch the shadow
of their messiah ….

… and the talking heads continue with their
obfuscations and cerebral dilations –
flushing every original idea – every
logical thought
from the mind

it is the abdicating of the power of reason
in favour of a short “one-on-one”
with the President himself

with dreams of Pulitzers and
future books
reporters sell their souls
becoming the mouthpieces of the government

feel no pity for these misguided
these miscreants who abandoned the
path of journalism
a noble craft with responsibilities to
the public
in favour of their god

these willing participants
the acolytes of Murdoch and his cronies
are always ready to spin their stories
just the way they should be spun
veering away from
anything resembling the truth
right off the edge of the table
… until the story collapses
before the day is done – but they have
planted their seeds

the truth
after all,
in the world of the Murdoch’s
has nothing to do with reality

the truth is what
spews out of the mouths
of the talking heads
as personable as they may be
with their practiced emotions (bottled and measured)
for every situation
they are our guides
… they wouldn’t lie to us …

would they?

It is not what these babbling heads
are spewing forth that is the problem
or the endless columns in the
printed realm of the other side of the
media machine
news papers around the world
taking dictation from
the Murdoch’s and his ilk

Once there was a paper
bold enough to proclaim
written on their pages one would find
“all the news that’s fit to print”

Today we find the opposite is true –
how hard to find a single piece worthy
of being read
to find true journalism–untainted by the
slant of Murdoch and his cronies
guiding our opinions before the news has
even been reported

We are given the entire story –
“Fair and balanced reporting” we are told
all the ‘truth’ we need …
all the ‘truth’ we deserve …
… can handle?
to form our opinions …
so long as those opinions are in line
with their opinions

so long as we share the same opinions and beliefs that
ooze out of
Foggy Bottom
infecting the entire hemisphere
stealing the lives of innocent Americans
dying “for their country”

… putting their lives on the line for a
Commander in Chief and his personal war –
the war he planned long before
Osama bin Laden received his
CIA training

Long after the favourite friends of the Bush family
were allowed to fly home
even though every plane around the nation was grounded
(it’s wasn’t as though people had been
flying them into buildings …
oh … that’s right … they had)
we still have no answers as to why –
why the family of an accused
mass murderer
could be allowed to leave
without even being questioned …

of course the Murdochites are hot on the story …

adhering to the precept that no stone shall be left unturned
no stone is touched
you wouldn’t want to start asking questions if
you were afraid of the answers …

Answers that might lead one to conclude
a war against Iraq had nothing to do
with the 9/11 attacks –
answers that might make one
question more things …
things that might not bear the
test of exposure to daylight

By hiding in the shadows
lurking in the dark places
the Murdoch’s of this world
hand in hand with the
ever-virtuous governments
they decide to support
… in the process
providing us
all the news we need to know –
with the caveat that
“everything you are about to hear is as
trustworthy as
Uncle Charlie’s Shark Repellent …”

Honestly, the stuff really works,
Charlie screams from his wheelchair as people pass him by
on their way to the beach
he lost his legs when the sharks
mistook his cologne and aftershave as a pheromone …
once they noticed the repellent in the water
the sharks stopped eating Uncle Charlie …

Thus the acolytes of the manipulators can barely
control their own spins anymore
their own extremists now attack one another
the scent of blood triggering the feeding frenzy
while we watch in shock and awe

Ann Coulter–the darling of the Right–was crucified
for work she didn’t do …
the writing she borrowed in her plagiarized drivel
isn’t accepted in the neo-Con community as the
art of rephrasing …
(in music it’s called a “remix”, or sometimes even
an “arrangement”)

Just as the real sharks
once these creatures sense weakness amongst their own
death is quick in coming …
after all …
nothing must distract from
the true agenda

The campaign never ends
so the lies can never stop
as the war remains their rallying cry

We must stop their madness
before more innocent lives
are lost.

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Anonymous said...

As long as there are gullable, ignorant people out there reading the 'news' the lies will continue.
But don't let that stop you from spreading the truth... even if you awaken the sleeping mind of one person... it is worth it.
Good post!