Monday, August 14, 2006

Missing Links ... and poem
"For One Child"

Now it all makes sense, in a Machiavellian sort of way. There was never supposed to be a viable ceasefire between Israel and Lebanon, the plan – from the beginning – has been to provide an advantageous situation for Israel in which they can claim a victory and the “higher moral ground” regardless of what happens. While the Israeli Cabinet passed the resolution accepting the terms of the ceasefire 24-0 (with one abstention), there is no discussion going on in Lebanon.

Is the ceasefire dead even before the countdown has passed the zero hour? No, it died weeks ago, when President Bush tied the hands of Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice by not mandating her with the mission of ending this conflict while it was in its infancy. The tacit acceptance of the tactics used by Israel that led to nearly 1,000 civilian deaths is only a blip on the historical trail of blood following the Zionist attempts to purge the Holy Land of its other inhabitants through any means available to them.

The “breaking news” as this is being written (with less than forty minutes to zero hour as of the moment that I began writing this - it is now thirty-five minutes past zero hour) is that there has been an intensification of fighting in an area that should be rediscovering the concept of peace. Yet can there be a ceasefire without the Lebanese cabinets approval? As a part of the Lebanese government, Hezbollah has stated that they will continue their fight so long as any Israeli soldiers remain in their country.

At the same time, there is doubt that the prescribed 15,000 Lebanese soldiers slated to act as a buffer between Hezbollah and Israel (in conjunction with 15,000 UN Peacekeepers) will be deployed. Of course, the idea of moving 30,000 armed troops (peacekeepers) into an area of concentrated contention seems like the perfect plan to reach a critical mass of tensions in the shortest possible time.

But is that the real issue? What is the missing link?

It appeared in an article that was published on Saturday, and which George W. Bush addressed in his weekly radio address to the nation: there is a link between Hezbollah and the terrorists in Iraq and Afghanistan, and with the recently discovered and thwarted (really?) plot to blow up several U.S. bound passenger airliners from the U.K.

I shall expound upon this discovery so that we can all follow the chain of logic.

First, over a month ago, Israel began its undeclared war against Lebanon in order to “rescue” their “kidnapped” soldiers. Incorrect: Israel would have had far more support if they had formally declared war against Lebanon (especially considering that Hezbollah is one of the official political parties, holding elected seats, in the country) for the “overt and continuously escalating attacks against our civilians” (my phrasing), accepting that their “kidnapped” soldiers were actually prisoners of war under the Geneva Convention.

Second, during this non-war, Israel consistently fired upon emplacements rife with civilians causing nearly a thousand casualties. The Hezbollah attacks have continued, though their results have hardly seemed to be something worth going to war over. On one day there were about 175 rockets fired into northern Israel that resulted in about three deaths. While every death is tragic and a terrible waste, it seems incongruous that a nation would go to war in order to do what specially trained Special Forces troops would be far more capable of doing (with less collateral damage).

The very fact that the IDF did not employ their equivalent to the Navy SEALS, or Her Majesty’s SAS indicates that they are not really as interested in eliminating the Hezbollah emplacements as they say they are. The recent news now sheds light on this picture and I see that the entire plan of Israel was to inflict a major blow to the infrastructure of Lebanon, hurting the nation on a level that is difficult to comprehend.

The reasoning is something that is befitting the collective paranoid delusions of the times we live in: Hezbollah is linked to the plot to blow up the passenger planes out of the U.K.

As was said in his radio address, "They kill civilians and American servicemen in Iraq and Afghanistan, and they deliberately hide behind civilians in Lebanon. They are seeking to spread their totalitarian ideology."

The war in Iraq and Afghanistan, according to the Great and Wise One is only one part of the battle, a battle that includes the intelligence efforts to “foil terror plots against US civilians” and that Israel’s conflict with Lebanon is a “part of that same battle”.

While it would be wonderful to think that these are just the words of some raving, hyper-caffeinated blogger, expressing their delusions of conspiracy theories into the ether with a limited audience, the sad truth is that this is the most powerful man in the world. Someone with the power to influence world markets by saying he hates broccoli, these are the words of a man who systematically lied and deceived his way through a highly developed plan to initiate a war against a sovereign nation that had absolutely nothing to do with the terrorist attacks of September 11.

It is a time of true fear mongering, with a president that seems to have jumped off of the deep end. Paranoid delusions of George W. Bush allow him to connect the dots between Hezbollah, Al Qaeda, Iraq, Afghanistan and the U.K. Plot (including Pakistan). Remember though, this is the same delusional mind that created the connect the dots proof used by his former Secretary of State, Colin Powell to convince the United Nations that there was no doubt that Iraq had Weapons of Mass Destruction.

It is difficult to imagine that there can be a ceasefire, or lasting peace of any sort, with such despicable terrorists, fiends that were planning the wholesale slaughter of up to 4,000 innocent civilians aboard ten passenger airplanes. Innocent civilians, just as the ones being slaughtered in Iraq, Afghanistan and Lebanon …

Of course, there’s no connection.

No, at 0500h GMT the live pictures are showing that the guns are silent, but there was an airs strike by Israel against Tyre only moments ago. Artillery was being fired until only a few moments ago, but how long will the guns remain silent?

Israel has said that they will respond to Hezbollah if they fire more rockets, and Hezbollah will not stop … so, is this is ceasefire or not? Without any recent rocket firings, there may be some cause for hope, at least there may have been before the president played his game of connecting the dots.

Now that the president has linked (in his mind) Hezbollah to a possible threat against American citizens and interests (U.S. owned planes), the door has been opened for increased aid to Israel without having to worry about the Congress getting cold feet about supporting acts of aggression against a civilian population.

Israel will get its missiles, and more bombs. They will get anything they need in their real war, the “War on Terrorism” that they are now (obviously) playing a key part in, a part that the president will not risk losing for anything.

How long, peace, how long?

Israel has dropped leaflets over Lebanon … to the effect, “the Israeli Defense Forces will return if there is a single terrorist attack by Hezbollah” … well, isn’t it nice to know who the real enemy is?

The following poem was just written - in memeory of every child, regardless of where they are from or who they were when they died ... the CrazyComposer.

For One Child

a single day
without killings
is a day without death
death that doesn’t come
with trails of fire
with collapsing buildings
with panic in the streets

a day without terror
of fire descending
from the sky
tearing flesh from
small bodies … skeletons
charred remains
blackened beyond recognition

another dead child …
a Palestinian?
or Lebanese?
an Israeli?
a Christian?
a Muslim?
or a Jew?

another dead child

in death
the corpse is mute
united with countless
faceless horrors
once playing
in the street.

Copyright © 2006 by CrazyComposer
(aka Peter Amsel)

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