Friday, August 04, 2006

Once again into the fray

Free association game for the moment … you know, the first word that comes to mind when you hear another word. Let’s start:
Bush … imbecile
Peace … not
Humanity … crying silently
America … complicit
Rumsfeldcriminally insane
Israel … reneged promised land
Harperbaby Bush
IraqVietnam Vietnamwar crimes
Iraqwar crimes
Americawar crimes
War crimesAmerica
Israelwar crimes Lebanoncedars burnt to the ground
Israelbombing civilians
Civilians … dying

Well, I doubt it proves anything (aside from a particular tendency towards seeing things caste in certain lights), but it was fun for a few seconds.

Now let’s play another game. Let’s list the Top 10 reasons for the war (if we’re going to be friends we must be honest with each other and call this act of “self defence” what it truly is) in Israel to continue:

10) Raping and pillaging of civilians went out of fashion, so bombing them is the next best thing.

9) Its just so much fun having you national policies reviewed in the world press every night.

8) Olmert hasn’t filled his quota with the devil yet for selling his soul.

7) Practicing artillery barrages always feels like more fun with live targets.

6) There are still some schools and hospitals standing in Lebanon.

5) Everyone really wants another chance to hear Condoleezza Rice play the piano at a fancy dinner party.

4) Israel might still find Hezbollah’s WMDs.

3) Resorting to diplomacy is just so passé.

2) Tom Cruise may still decide to take a trip to the Holy Land, and that’s a target of opportunity not to be missed.

Finally, the NUMBER ONE reason to continue the war …
Mel Gibson might be with him.


Frank Partisan said...

It is difficult being a non-Zionist Jew, particularly in Israel. This post reassures your Dad.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the comment, RE. Even more than a non-Zionist, someone who is in favour of the rights of the Palestinian people who have been displaced by the illegal actions of Israel throughout the past fifty-eight years (plus two thousand).

I'm not going to get into the "backstory" crap involved - that's one of the points of being human: having the will (the choice - the ability to think) to change one's course. We CHOOSE to continue to have wars because it is expedient and an economic boon for the western nations ... well, a small number of western nations - who provide the weapons for most of the "free" world, the remaining ones coming from disbanded republics of the USSR, China and other sources in Asia and Europe.

The United States has not shied away from a military conflict (save for the truly humanitarian ones, such as Rwanda and Darfur) since the Second World War because they recognized that the development of their aresenal required field testing.

You couldn't napalm Las Vegas ... so Vietnam had to do (not that a desert community has much use for a defoliant ... how about Palm Beach).

Even the war that the United States wasn't involved in (or were they), in Argentina, the United States was able to gain critical information on the effectiveness of the EXOCET missile which was used against a British ship. Information gained from this conflict was used to make significant improvements in the close-in defenses for the newest carrier group class that had been launched at that time, the Nimitz Class. Weapons like the CIWS - the close in weapons system - which is a gatling gun on steroids - were developed to prevent the sort of attack profile presented by the Argentine Air Force and their five EXOCETs.

We must get away from this insanity that being against the policy of Israel is possible without being an Anti-Semite. I laughed so hard the other day when I was accused of that - me - a Jew who is an anti-Semite (the Freudian apotheosis of the Self-Hating Jew ... but NOT in my case).

Well ... thanks again for the comment.

Anonymous said...

same shit different day