Monday, June 26, 2006

The First Amendment, When Convenient

The right to free speech, the greatest of all freedoms (next to the right to posses a firearm so you can blow away your neighbor [sic]) is the latest freedom that the Bush administration wants to degrade in the name of National Security.

After the New York Times reported that the government was using financial records to search for terrorist activities last week the President and Vice President waited several days – yes, days, to respond, stating that the Times had made the “war on terrorism more difficult”.

Other republican mouthpieces stated that the editors, reporters and publishers of the Times should be charged for treason under the National Secrecy Act, and some other acts that they were sputtering about (it was all quite amusing).

In a way, the whole story would be quite amusing, if it weren’t true … and actually quite disturbing. It is almost as though the Bush administration is suffering from some sort of collective form of Alzheimer’s, forgetting that they were supposed to respond to the initial report by the New York Times. That was, by the way, last week. This is a new week … the week, by coincidence, that the Congress is going to start debating a flag burning amendment … now that should get the defenders of the constitution and Bill of Rights up in arms.

Good grief.

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Anonymous said...

Actually, the greatest freedom is the right to have freedom... something that is way to often overlooked in the west...
have your readers go here...
to see what I mean.