Monday, June 26, 2006

In Honour of Celia Franca

There are some people who cross your path and leave an impression unlike anything else. Celia Franca is that type of person. The founder of the National Ballet of Canada, Ms. Franca remains a fixture of the Canadian artistic community and a great supporter of the arts. She celebrated a milestone birthday on the 25th of October, and while it isn’t supposed to be polite to mention a ladies’ age, the press announced that Ms. Franca had turned 85 and would be honoured at the National Arts Centre this evening.

Any honours that they may decide to bestow upon her are inadequate. Celia Franca is a national treasure, and I am honoured to have met her on several occasions, and to have known her late husband, Professor James Morton (former first clarinet of the NAC Orchestra and professor at the University of Ottawa).

A biography of Ms. Franca can be found here.


Anonymous said...

What a lovelytribute to an oviously very talented 'young' woman.

Unknown said...

Thanks ... Celia is truly amazing, and she is the type of person who commands attention: the first time I met her was at university. She entered the recital hall and about one hundred voices fell silent ... instantly.