Wednesday, June 14, 2006

New Feature: Video

In an effort to keep things exciting, and to give everyone an excuse to keep checking back here as often as possible (and to feed the delusion that there are actually people that regularly read what I'm writing and posting here ... besides my mother, when she's not home, and a few others who shall remain nameless but well loved), a new feature has been added to this blog: videos! Yes, you read correctly, there are now mini-movies available, for free, at the bottom of any main-page of this blog. It is called "IFilm" which offers free videos from their site, and from their nifty little applet as well (there - I used the word "nifty" and "applet" in the same sentence ... I'm officially a computer nerd).

On this occasion I have posted the applet here, but it is also permanently embedded into the bottom of the page.

So, when you return (who says I�m not optimistic?) please scroll down to the bottom of the page to start watching the videos (there are less posts on the page to make scrolling easier as well).

Y'all come back now, ye'hear!


Anonymous said...

I have a name!

Unknown said...

Yes, you do have a name, DP ... what did the Iranians always call you? Eh-Steve?

Actually, I sort of like "DP" as the nickname from your blog, given what it also stands for - it reminded me of a conversation in the basement in Sudbury back in ... cripes, 1980 or so. Anyway, displaced or not, I know you read and apologize for leaving you out - though you can consider yourself included in the "nameless but well loved" portion of the comment.

Anonymous said...

Awwwwwwwwww... thanks son... nice to know I'm loved.