Sunday, June 25, 2006

Not Really Silent

The thought of posting something occurred to me at one point this weekend; then I realized that I had nothing to say (though I’ve noticed that this doesn’t seem to be an impediment to many bloggers). Thus began the struggle: what should I post on my blog?

Without actually posting something I discovered just how much time you could spend fooling around with “all things blog”, in the vain effort to make your blog as functionally perfect as possible (short of it doing the laundry, or cooking). What I found out is that it can be a time-sucking black hole, without end … if you let it.

The problem stems from that old saying, “keeping up with the Jones’s”, or, in this case, every one else in the world who happens to have a blog.

These “services” are mostly offered to the perspective blogger for free, and they are added to blogs (or websites) as enhancements of the pages. Of course, that is where the problems begin: as you surf the web (or blogsphere) and see these different “enhancements” you begin to burn with jealousy … you cannot face the fact that someone has something on their blog that you don’t have … (ok, I may be exaggerating, but this has to be interesting). Thus begins your search for how to add whatever the latest thingy is to your blog.

The latest enhancement; the latest bell, whistle, java-script, … well, you get the idea.

In a way, it is a bit like collecting badges as a boy scout: there is a competition to have more than the nerdy boy that lives down the street (note: I was never a boy scout. A cub scout, yes, but only for a short period of time, and I don’t recall if I had any badges). Some pages have so many “badges” you can’t figure out if they actually have articles on them, but they are fun to look through (and drive the jealousy factor through the roof).

So, I may not have been posting, but I’ve been … tweaking. Technorati and Flurl are but two of the new “thingy’s” that have become part of this blog (have I got them working? Right …). As the saying goes, more will be added as time goes on … stay tuned.

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