Friday, July 07, 2006

Sand Peace

It isn’t often that I post something and then regret having done so. This is one of those times. After posting the “sand” performance I went looking for more of this artist, Ilana Yahav, and was amazed at what I found, and dismayed that I had not practiced “due diligence” before making my original post. Had I done that, this … edit … wouldn’t be necessary.

The video below is the work of a peace activist, and is not only poignant and timely, it carries an important message that is difficult to miss (only those within the U.S. government would be able to miss it, but they miss so much, they wouldn’t notice). Please visit her website, and if you are in a position to attend a performance (or arrange one), please do so. If artists like this are not supported, the message of peace will not be spread to the next generation. At the end of her video clip (at the website) her sand says “the first next generation”.

Let this be the first next generation to know true peace.

My original post:

There are many words that can used to describe the current situation in Israel as tensions continue to increase over the missing soldier. With the death toll rising, it makes me wonder how many more will have to die before a single soldier is either returned alive (I hope) or, God forbid, dead.

They said on the news today that being a soldier meant, "knowing you were not abandoned". Does it also mean that the country will destroy itself in the process?

When I saw this short video I imagined that the performer had this future in mind when the final portion was conceived. It is a fitting tribute to peace, a peace that too many have already died for and even more have sacrificed their souls for.

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