Sunday, July 09, 2006

World Cup Finals: My Prediction

Against all better judgment (whatever), I'm going to post my (unpopular) choice for the outcome of the World Cup finale. The game is about to begin, the anthems have been performed, and the crowd in Berlin is going berserk ... but who will win?

Will Italy add to their collection of titles, or will France overcome the poor start that they had at the beginning of this tournament and emerge as the ultimate champions.

My choice: France will defeat Italy (I'm not going to suggest a score, but 3-1 sounds about right).

That's it ... nothing else. I'm either correct, or I should stick to music and other things that don't involve sports (well, that part I already know).

The game is now underway, so I shall end this here.


Anonymous said...

Well, at half-time anyway, your prediction is still possible...

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

Well, I won’t be so melodramatic and say that France let me down, but the play in the second half of the game was lacking a certain, je ne sais q’uoi … if you know what I mean. Of all the games I watched (I missed one), this was second only to Italy v. the United States for its ugliness (though the ridiculous number of penalties awarded in the Netherlands game was idiocy as well).

The worst of it all was France’s captain. Head butting another player, in the chest! Good grief; for that alone, considering Zidane is one of their greatest penalty kickers, France deserved the loss. I’m not saying Italy deserved to win … in this game it was a case of two poorly played sides coming down to one team missing a penalty shot (which would likely have been Zidane’s had he not been red-carded).

In all, the tournament was wonderful, but the final game was a disgrace.

Frank Partisan said...

I returned the favor, and linked back to you.

World Cup: Everything said by you.

I hope to visit this blog often. I'm interested in many of the subjects, you post about.

Unknown said...

Thanks Renegade ... as for the cup ... 'nuff said. In four years it will be in South Africa - hopefully an African team will make it past the round of 16. Ghana played so well this year, as did the Ivory Coast. Who knows - an African WC Champ? That would send the Europeans reeling!